Right Wing Leftovers – 5/31/12

  • Mike Huckabee says he’s not a birther…but thinks the issue “shows how wrong the Democrats are about that and about everything else they’ve been promoting the last four years” and is “another good reason, since they can’t get even the simplest facts right, to make sure they’re not in charge and in power the next four years.”
  • Meanwhile, Land warns that “pornography is the propaganda for a paganized sexual morality which will submerge our culture in a tidal wave of sexual deviance if uncontested and uncontrolled.”
  • Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition launches a Jewish outreach effort led by Bush campaign adviser Jeff Ballabon.
  • Family Research Council asks God “to counter the campaign planned by homosexual activists” to defend Maryland’s marriage equality law.
  • Janet Porter urges shoppers to boycott Target over “their homosexual t-shirt campaign.”
  • OneMillionMoms is incensed over a JC Penney ad featuring gay parents.
  • The American Family Association’s Buster Wilson seems to be in competition with AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer over who can be the most inflammatory:

    This past weekend, there was a NATO conference, a summit, in Chicago. There was heightened security in ways we are not accustomed to here on American soil. Shoot to kill orders for any planes flying over Chicago this weekend. Evac orders on standby and the Red Cross being told that it might get violent and the City may have to be completely evacuated. We Americans are not used to having these European style tactics executed in our backyard. Many wonder if the government is up to something, like training for a larger, similar exercise in the future. At the risk of sounding like a doomsday prepper or a conspiracy theorists, let me say, “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were”. We are living in the last days and about those Paul said they would be perilous times.

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