Right Wing Leftovers

  • More trouble for Gov. Mark Sanford.
  • Dr. George Tiller’s alleged murderer sure is getting some interesting visitors in jail.
  • The Orlando Sentinel: Kissimmee commissioner Art Otero is not letting go of his effort to add the words “In God We Trust” to the city logo and says he will take the initiative to a referendum if needed … Otero had told the Orlando Sentinel he started the logo effort because he feared the country was moving toward “liberal postures such as homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of marijuana.” He also referred to the Obama administration as “socialist.”
  • The Christian Coalition calls Sonia Sotomayor the “most unpopular Supreme Court justice in history.”
  • Roy Moore: “Our morality is declining because we don’t recognize a moral absolute anymore. There’s no truth. We need the recognition of God. We ought to recognize God is the sovereign source of law and liberty in government.”
  • Richard Land: “I don’t want to seem overly dramatic here, but I’m telling you, based on everything I know, if we get Obama-care … it will significantly lower the quality of life and length of life of your children and grandchildren.”
  • Finally, have you ever wished that someone would finally put the Birther conspiracy to music?  Well, you are in luck: