Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Family Research Council is demanding that “President Obama support a ban on all federal abortion funding in health reform” legislation.
  • The Hill: The Club for Growth is sending a letter to each of Utah’s delegates to the state Republican convention and running an ad hitting Sen. Bob Bennett for advocating “government-run healthcare.”
  • The Pacific Justice Institute is launching its new Center for Public Policy, a 501(c)(4) organization, this week in an effort to assist California legislators to enact laws benefiting all Californians.
  • Sarah Palin and Star Parker, together at last.
  • I assume that we’ll be seeing lots of “horror stories” from this book from the Center for Public Policy Research cropping up in right-wing talking points in coming weeks.
  • Finally, the Media Research Center says that the Center for American Progress is bad, bad, bad:
  • “The Center for American Progress is very anti-free speech, very anti-free market. All things that made this country great irk them tremendously,” [Seton Motley, the director of communications at the Media Research Center] notes. “So yes, they are a pretty bad organization.”