Right Wing Leftovers – 5/22/13

  • It is a battle of crazed conspiracy theorists as Rick Wiles goes after Alex Jones.
  • Anti-gay

    activists are accusing the Boy Scouts of trying to rig the voting in favor of changing the organization’s anti-gay policy (Of course,

    nobody should really trust what Cathy Ruse claims in the first place.)

  • Gary Cass has written a book

    titled “The Bizarre Sex Life of


  • Is ‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire capable of making a video where he doesn’t scream the entire time?
  • Bryan Fischer

    runs down a list of terms that GLAAD believes are offensive and says that anti-gay

    activists ought to be sure to use them.

  • Finally, anti-gay activist Brad Dacus has apologized for saying, back in 2008, that failing to pass Proposition 8 was like failing to stop the Nazis: