Right Wing Leftovers – 5/22/12

  • Mitt Romney is confirmed to speak at Ralph Reed’s 2012 Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference & Strategy Briefing.
  • SaveCalifornia.com’s Randy Thomasson says “‘Harvey Milk Gay Day’ is training children to be political activists for perversity.”
  • Bristol Palin now has a reality show.
  • Bryan Fischer declares that “President Obama and his MussoliniCare health care program have displayed tyrannical effrontery by contemptuously disregarding fundamental American principles” through the contraception mandate.
  • Finally, FRC’s Rob Schwarzwalder assures us that “the socially conservative Christians I know almost universally are compassionate, thoughtful, approachable, principled, and well-informed [and] characterized by their forgiving spirits and their eagerness to share the love of Christ … [more] than by the ignorance, bigotry, and bluster attributed to them by their smug and seemingly mystified opponents.”

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