Right Wing Leftovers

  • Is there anything that Religious Right groups can’t find a way to complain about?  Apparently not.
  • Hey, what do you know? The Freedom Federation finally set up a website.
  • Washington Times: South Carolina Republican lawmakers are on the verge of calling a special legislative session that could impeach and remove embattled GOP Gov. Mark Sanford by the end of the year.
  • Sen. David Vitter gets a challenger.
  • Want to listen to the American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon talk about college football?  Well, you are in luck.
  • Institute for Creation Research announced the first of its 2009 “Demand the Evidence” conferences, to be held in Jacksonville, Florida on October 9-10 where “attendees will learn biblical and scientific evidences for the accuracy and authority of Genesis, the complex design of the human body, the facts that support recent creation, the flaws in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and much more.”