Right Wing Leftovers

  • Richard Viguerie proclaims that President Obama’s effort at reforming our health care system is “is re-launching the conservative movement” and helping Republicans remember their conservative principles.
  • The Freedom Federation says it “supports heathcare reform but opposes government-run healthcare that funds abortion, violates conscience, rations care, or limits freedom.”
  • The Susan B. Anthony list launches a “Void the Abortion Mandate” campaign.
  • Personhood Florida will be hosting a press conference announcing its submission of a “Personhood Amendment” to the Florida State Constitution on Friday.
  • Finally, the Christian Defense Coalition, Pro-Life Unity, The Family Research Council, and others are “gathering on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol for 27 hours of intercession and worship. Believers will be crying out for God to intervene in the national health care debate and ensure that taxpayer funds and not used to pay for abortions.”