Right Wing Leftovers – 5/17/12

  • Now Citizens United says the fundraising letter it sent out under Mike Hucakbee’s name which said President Obama has surrounded himself with “morally repugnant political whores” was just “sent out as a test to a small number of people.”
  • Gary Bauer comes out against Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s move to renounce his U.S. citizenship in order to avoid taxes, saying “frankly, his move really irritates me.”
  • You can’t say you weren’t warned: “A Prophetic Warning About the 2012 Presidential Elections.”
  • Obviously, this admitted mistake will in no way stop the Birthers from continually citing it as proof that President Obama was not born in Hawaii.
  • James Dobson takes to WorldNetDaily to blast Obama over his support for marriage equality: “I hope you live to regret ripping into the institution of marriage, which has been foundational to the social order of all nations.”
  • Michael Youssef says Obama “is not a true Christian who believes in and obeys the authority of God’s Word.”
  • Finally, Professor John Fea wonders if it is “it time to gather Christian historians together to sign some kind of formal statement condemning [David] Barton’s brand of propaganda and hagiography.”  To which we can only say: ABSOLUTELY! 

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