Right Wing Leftovers – 5/15/12

  • Randall Terry’s Society for Truth and Justice calls Kathleen Sebelius “Obama’s Himmler” and says she is carrying out “the grand scheme of Obama’s death agenda.”
  • WorldNetDaily is now claiming that President Obama didn’t even write his own love letters.
  • Peter Heck responds to President Obama’s support for marriage equality: “Every believer in America should be incensed that the leader of our country has called for a national embrace of a behavior that God Himself reserved the word ‘abomination’ to describe.”
  • Ted Baehr credits “conservative Christians” with getting ABC’s “GCB” program canceled.
  • Peter LaBarbera blasts Mitt Romney for initially saying he was okay with gay adoption because “when your children are forced to be in a situation where the person that’s closest to them is a homosexual and they’re being exposed daily at a very young age to homosexuality, you are teaching children that immorality is okay.”
  • Finally, just try and follow Mat Staver’s explanation of how Sir Isaac Newton was only able to “discover things” because he believed in a monotheistic god:

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