Right Wing Leftovers – 5/11/12

  • James Robison writes that the “decision voiced by our president yesterday concerning marriage should break the heart of every person of faith, all who believe in the God of the Bible and have any confidence in His Holy Word.”
  • Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America says she “would be shocked” if Mitt Romney went ahead with the scheduled fundraiser with the chairman of the company that manufacturers the Plan B “morning-after pill.”
  • Apparently the fact that something is totally false is not going to stop OneNewsNow from reporting it as true.
  • Bryan Fischer writes up “excerpts from the speech Mitt Romney should give tomorrow if he wants to be our next president.”
  • Undeterred by the news that her “Heartbeat Bill” is dead, Janet Porter presses on.
  • Finally, FRC prays against Planned Parenthood, asking that God will “continue to motivate State leaders to do their part to end this too-long running evil empire.”

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