Right Wing Leftovers

  • CNS News: The U.S. Catholic bishops have told the pastors of all the Catholic churches in America to insert a flyer in their church bulletin and read a statement at every Mass, informing their congregations that the health care bills now before Congress allow abortion-funding and must be opposed unless amended to specifically prohibit such funding
  • You know, for a guy who just moved to Washington, DC a few months ago simply so that he could lead the fight against marriage equality, Harry Jackson sure does use the word “we” alot when talking about the District.
  • Ray Comfort and Eugenie Scott are debating evolution over at God and Country.
  • Needless to day, Rick Scarborough is not happy about hate crimes legislation.
  • The Right is going all-in in NY-23.
  • The Christian Defense Coalition continues with its I Am 71 protests.
  • Finally, why can’t the Right just enjoy Halloween like everyone else?