Right Wing Leftovers

  • Marco Rubio will be a keynote speaker at the next CPAC.
  • Tim LaHaye has now teamed up with Craig Parshall for a new series of apocalyptic novels.
  • Tom Tancredo says he is going to run for Governor in Colorado.
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt wants you to pay $17 to urge Senators to filibuster David Hamilton.
  • The perfect storm: Carrie Prejean interviewed by the co-author of Sarah Palin’s new book.
  • Patrick Mahoney: Why is the FBI harassing me instead of Nidal Malik Hasan?
  • Next Monday, anti-Islam activists plan to rally for Rifqa.
  • Finally, FRC says Washington DC can’t afford to not let religious groups discriminate because the city “will quickly find [that] without faith there is little good works.”