Right Wing Leftovers

  • Alan Keyes goes after Glenn Beck for dismissing the Birthers are loons.
  • Legatus will present President George W. Bush with its Cardinal John J. O’Connor Pro-Life Award next month.
  • Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs says “the kinds of hate mail and the kinds of attacks I am getting from the right wing are way beyond anything I got when I was criticizing the left or even radical Islam” ever since he broke with the Right.
  • According to the Traditional Values Coalition, Interpol is a tool of the Devil.
  • Marvel at how hard it must be to be a Republican candidate for public office.
  • The Family Research Council will be hosting a panel discussion next week explaining how healthcare reform is unconstitutional.
  • Finally, Christian Newswire informs us that the next installment of American Idol will “lose middle America” because its viewers have an “anti0gay bias” and will object to the addition of Ellen DeGeneres