Right Wing Leftovers

  • Politico has an excellent piece on the right-wing groups who have been funding and training activists like James O’Keefe.
  • The Washington Times reports that Janet Parshall is leaving Salem Radio Network to start up a new show with the Moody Broadcasting Network: “Some cited budget reasons on the part of Salem; others said it involved personality clashes and that Mrs. Parshall had gone through a string of producers during her 15 years with the network.”
  • The ACLJ has opened yet another foreign office, this one in Kenya.
  • Focus on the Family is intent on wooing “millennials” at the upcoming CPAC conference.
  • Now that Liberty University students seemingly dominate their voting district, it only stands to reason that university officials are trying to get the place their polling place right on campus.
  • Finally, it must be nice to be a conservative activist who can rely on clueless talking points instead of having to worry about facts or having any idea what you are talking about.