Right Wing Leftovers – 4/26/13

  • On his radio show today, Glenn Beck basically begged Sen. Rand Paul to take his “2123B” conspiracy theory seriously and start

    investigating it.

  • Matt Barber and Mat Staver say

    that all abortion providers are “quacks” and “serial murderers.”

  • It seems pretty clear

    that if you call someone an “arrogant ni**er,” you are probably very close to being


  • Bryan Fischer says he

    only blocks people on Twitter for using profanity, which is a total lie since we have never used profanity but he has blocked us.

  • James Robison warns that “the American people

    are being asked to vote for idolatry, accept it, embrace it, and approve it.”

  • Finally, Mike Huckabee

    is making it his

    mission “to do everything I can to expose the Southern Poverty Law Center for the fraud that it is.”