Right Wing Leftovers – 4/24/14

  • Cliven Bundy cannot be a racist because, his son says, “two vehicles full of black men” protected him during the Watts Riots in

    1965 and “he felt that they were his guardian angels.”

  • After having repeatedly

    declared that Bundy was a Godly man of prayer, Glenn Beck has now abandoned him completely.

  • Bryan Fischer, on the other hand, is predictably defending

    Bundy’s racist remarks.

  • April 30 is the National Day of Repentance.
  • Gary

    Bauer says there is a “misinformation campaign waged by media elites” designed to isolate those who

    oppose marriage equality.

  • The Pacific Justice Institute is

    asking the Supreme Court to agree to hear its lawsuit against California’s prohibition on using “ex-gay”

    therapy on minors.