Right Wing Leftovers

  • Ryan Dobson says the only real difference between him and his dad, James Dobson, is a matter of style: “My dad and I believe virtually identically across the board, I think. Stylistically we have some differences, but as far as political, theological and sociological belief systems, we’re fairly identical.”
  • Rifqa Bary insists there is no chance of any sort of reconciliation between her and her parents.
  • Marco Rubio seems to have a history of charging personal expenses to the Florida GOP.
  • You know, I don’t think Newt Gingrich has ever had a “real job,” for that matter.
  • FRC’s Tony Perkins says he was uninvited to a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base because of his opposition to repealing DADT, and Bill Donohue is demanding an investigation.
  • Finally, a related quote of the day from Tony Perkins opposing repeal of DADT:  “People who are HIV-positive are not permitted to enlist in the military. But if someone on active duty becomes infected, they cannot be deployed in combat — yet current policy also forbids them from being discharged. Since scientists have said that homosexuals and bisexuals are fifty times more likely to contract HIV, it is inevitable that welcoming them into the military will increase both medical costs and the number of personnel who are essentially dead weight within the force.”