Right Wing Leftovers – 4/2/12

  • Chuck Colson was hospitalized over the weekend where “he had successful surgery … to remove a pool of clotted blood from the surface of his brain.”
  • Jennifer Roback Morse says the NOM documents “are showing that Brian Brown is basically a strategic genius.”
  • Kevin McCullough says that “Trayvon Martin was not shot because he was black” but because “in recent months, skinny tall guys in hoodies had been terrorizing the homeowners in the area.”
  • Linda Harvey offers up 10 reasons to walk out on ‘Day of Silence.’
  • Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton asserts that “same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates have largely gained their ground through deception, emotional manipulation and …have manipulated us by high-jacking civil rights language for their own narrow purposes.”
  • Bryan Fischer proclaims “that by nature people are conservatives. They have to be brainwashed in order to believe the swill that liberals dish out. Conservatism is our default view of life, because it is natural, normal and rational.”

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