Right Wing Leftovers

  • Randall Terry is heading to the Vatican.
  • I had no idea that incompetence could be so lucrative.
  • Harry Jackson says that even though the Supreme Court refused to stop marriage equality in DC, he sees a “silver lining” in the decision.
  • This just might be one of the most poorly written ads I have ever seen.
  • Quote of the Day I from the Family Research Council about Kevin Jennings: “Yesterday, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), one of 53 Congressmen to call for an investigation, spoke on the House floor about the hypocrisy of giving more taxpayer dollars to a drug-abusing, statutory rape-supporting czar for the purpose of securing America’s classrooms.”
  • Quote of the Day II from Peter LaBarbera: “Here you have a rise of male-on-male harassment cases, and it doesn’t seem to lay any blame for the homosexual activist movement The fact is, I don’t know many straight guys who would ever touch another man sexually. That’s not something normal people do — that’s something perverted people do.”