Right Wing Leftovers – 4/15/14

  • After finally being allowed to enter Canada, Peter LaBarbera got

    himself arrested for displaying anti-gay and anti-abortion posters and handing out literature on a college campus and then refusing to leave.

  • Glenn Beck says that Congressional candidate

    Barry Loudermilk reminds him a lot of David Barton (and he thinks that is a good thing.)

  • Rep.

    Michele Bachmann will speak at Liberty

    University tomorrow.

  • In the wake of the Brendan Eich controversy, anti-gay activists are calling on Mozilla “to make a clear statement to its employees as to

    whether this incident is a dog whistle to all pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-life and religious employees and talent to vacate

    the company or will Mozilla ensure a truly diverse and safe workplace environment for them.”

  • We hate to break it to you, Lee Duigon, but nobody is afraid of you;

    they are mocking you.

  • Finally, Matt Barber tells a Christian publishing company that is reportedly going to publish a book by a gay

    Christian that it can “no longer call yourself a Christian publishing company. Call yourself a secular publishing

    company or an anti-Christian publishing company, because what they are doing here is counter biblical, it’s anti-

    Christian and it flies in the face of God’s teaching on sexual morality.”