Right Wing Leftovers

  • The AP reports that “a jury has convicted “Harlan Drake of first-degree murder Thursday in the September 2009 shootings of abortion protester James Pouillon and businessman Mike Fuoss in Owosso, rejecting claims that the gunman was mentally ill at the time.”
  • Joel Hunter reports that he has left the GOP.
  • The Family Policy Network is attacking VA Gov. Bob McDonnell and warning that he has “made an enemy of the grassroots” by being insufficiently committed to discriminating against gays.
  • Pamela Geller claims that the goal of Rifqa Bary’s parent’s attorney is to run out the clock until she turns 18 so that Hillary Clinton and the radical Muslims who have infiltrated the State Department can have her deported to Sri Lanka and killed.
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Alan Keyes: “To demand that people of biblical faith disregard the substantive import of the male and female forms of human being is therefore to demand that they surrender what the Bible presents, as it were on its first page, as the first premise of the unique relationship between God and humanity. This is not just an attack on religious freedom, it is an effort to cut off the Christian faith at its root and set it on the path of inevitable extinction.”