Right Wing Leftovers – 4/11/12

  • If people are going to write pieces speculating that Mike Huckabee might become Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential running mate, can they at least offer up one plausible explanation as to why Huckabee decided not to run for president himself despite being one of the leading candidates but would now agree to give up his media empire in order to play second fiddle to Romney?
  • On a related note, can someone explain to me the logic behind the idea that Romney now needs to adopt Rick Santorum’s message?  If Santorum’s message was so successful, he wouldn’t have had to drop out!
  • Despite having ended him campaign yesterday, Santorum still held an event in Pennsylvania with James Dobson last night.
  • Ralph Reed says Santorum’s campaign was “the most impressive insurgent performance for someone seeking the Republican nomination since Ronald Reagan in 1976.” 
  • Richard Land, who has called Mormonism a cult, says that if the media tries to inject “some of the more exotic beliefs of Mormonism” into the campaign, Romney should “turn it around on them and pummel them around the head and shoulders with the Constitution and say there is no religious test for office and for you to inject my religious beliefs into this campaign is un-American.”
  • Bryan Fischer says that even though President Obama is “technically is a fascist,” he totally understands those who refuse to vote for Mitt Romney and make a choice “between gruel and a baloney sandwich.”

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