Right Wing Leftovers

  • Will Kentucky really forgo $42 million in federal funds just to save a “Hell Is Real” billboard? 
  • Family Research Council Action and the Oklahoma Family Policy Council are backing a measure that will ban compensation for young women who donate their eggs to fertility clinics.
  • Rob Schenck meets Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
  • Ann Coulter will be headlining WorldNetDaily’s “Taking Back America” conference.  Is anyone even remotely surprised.
  • Liberty Counsel says 10,000 people will be attending the Freedom Federation’s “Awakening” Summit. I don’t buy that for a minute.
  • Tea Partiers are reportedly getting tired of Dick Armey’s control over the movement.
  • Rep. Bart Stupak admits that “pro-life groups rallied behind me — many without my knowledge or consent — not necessarily because they shared my goals of ensuring protections for life and passing health-care reform but because they viewed me as their best chance to kill health-care legislation.”
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Al Mohler, who is outraged over the idea of colleges allowing co-ed roommates: “All of this adds up to a perfect jumble of moral confusion … First, we have schools collapsing under the logic of gender rebellion … Second, we have students insisting that there is nothing remotely odd or sexualized about two heterosexual students of opposite genders living in the same small space. That is both unbelievable and deeply sad. Third, we have activists and administrators lecturing parents that they have no right to resist all this … This is nuts.”