Right Wing Leftovers

  • James Dobson’s new radio program began today.
  • It is pretty ironic to see Mat Staver go after the Freedom From Religion Foundation on the grounds that it is a “paper tiger” propped up by wealthy donors.
  • Fresh out of prison, Jim Traficant is running for Congress.
  • The US Embassy in Kenya wants it made clear that the US government is not supporting the ACLJ’s effort to shape the nation’s constitution to their right-wing liking.
  • A federal judge will hear arguments on a motion to dismiss the right-wing lawsuit against hate crimes legislation in June.
  • Religious Right activists in Virginia are no longer smitten with Gov. Bob McDonnell.
  • Finally, why are activists being encouraged to wear red clothing to a “Code Blue Health Care Freedom Act Rally” in Missouri? Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to wear blue? Or call it a “Code Red Health Care Freedom Act Rally”?