Right Wing Leftovers – 3/28/13

  • Oh look, Sarah Palin’s PAC is gearing up for 2014, presumably so it can raise money so she can fly

    around the country and stay in hotels.

  • Glenn Beck’s The Blaze announces that the network has

    been picked up by “the 21st-largest cable operator in the nation.” Quite a coup!

  • Faith and

    Action’s Rob Scheck says “DOMA is doomed.”

  • Apparently America has not learned from what

    happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and so “we are going to learn the hard way that God means exactly what he has spoken.”

  • Finally, Mat Staver rips

    Charles Cooper, the attorney who defended Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court: “Cooper did a terrible job, both in terms of

    his oratory delivery and was horrible on the substance.”