Right Wing Leftovers – 3/26/14

  • Days after announcing that legally married gay Christians would now be eligible to work for the

    charity, World Vision has reversed course following a massive outcry from anti-gay activists and conservative


  • FRC is supporting efforts to pass an Arizona-like discrimination bill in Mississippi.
  • “Coach” Dave Daubenmire warns

    that “Chrislam” is on the rise!

  • “Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson is defending his

    father’s anti-gay comments.

  • Gary Cass fumes: “America is religiously and morally

    schizophrenic. Built on a foundation of Christian law it has been hijacked by secular relativists … Currently we are under

    the arbitrary god of humanistic secularism that makes an idol of the machinations of man.”

  • Bill

    Donohue insists that it is the organizers of The Heritage of Pride parade who are being hypocritical, not him, which is why he is refusing to march.