Right Wing Leftovers – 3/21/14

  • When asked if he would have beaten President Obama had he been the GOP nominee in 2012, Rick Santorum

    declared “without a doubt!”

  • “Ex-gay” Greg Quinlan says that gay activists are all “about dominance

    [and] silencing anyone who has any other opinion than the homosexual opinion.”

  • FRC prays against “Transgender Bathroom Bills & Military Policy”: “Intervene, Lord, for

    your Law is being broken! We have defied your created order replacing your laws with confusion. Cause, we pray, legislators

    in Maryland and other states, and the Obama administration not to add confusion to confusion as they could do. Cause your

    people, led by their pastors, to say, “Enough is enough!” and to exercise their voices and authority as citizens

    and voters to stop these and similar lawless actions.”

  • Gary Bauer says that Rand Paul’s call for a truce on social issues “will hurt his or any other

    Republican presidential possibility, if they’re telling millions of American voters that make up the core of the

    conservative coalition that he or anybody else does not intend to deal with those issues.”

  • Finally, Scott Lively is

    “greatly concerned about the decline of personal integrity and civility as American cultural values, which I attribute

    to the rise of cultural Marxism, exemplified in part by the cult of ‘gay’ bullies who now dominate our public

    discourse in virtually every sphere of society, but also by the parallel cult of pro-LGBT ‘advocacy journalists’ who

    routinely bear false witness to the public in furtherance of their shared ideology.”