Right Wing Leftovers – 3/19/12

  • FRC weighs in on the verdict in the Tyler Clementi and uses it to attack “pro-homosexual activists [who] would exploit the personal tragedies of these families to promote a political agenda.”
  • Gary Bauer says President Obama is “deeply out of step and often speaks about America in a way that sounds like a fiction book.”
  • Chuck Colson says he has never engaged in gay-bashing … then asserts that he rejects the notion that attacking homosexuality is gay-bashing.
  • Scott Lively says it is his job as a pastor “to preach this truth without apology or hedging so that people who suffer with a homosexual ‘orientation’ can repent and be delivered from their bondage.”
  • Finally, Kirk Cameron claims that his interview with Piers Morgan has only helped to promote his new movie because “what some people mean for evil, God means for good.”

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