Right Wing Leftovers – 3/16/12

  • Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition aims to register 115,000 voters in Virginia for the November election.
  • James Robison says “there is no question we are living in the end times.”
  • Bradlee Dean is no fan of the SPLC, saying the organization makes money “while working hand in glove with the mainstream media to attack America’s foundation using a Communist/Marxist agenda.”
  • Quote of the day from an unnamed conservative operative who does not think very highly of the Council for National Policy: “They’re always behind, always late to the game and not relevant. It’s one of these self-validating echo chambers where they sit around four times a year and tell each other how great and important they are, and believe their own press.”
  • Finally, the Star-Spangled Fish allows you to show the world just how much you love America and Jesus at the same time.

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