Right Wing Leftovers – 2/6/14

  • Gary Bauer is not happy that AT&T had

    condemned Russia anti-gay crackdown: “[W]hen I worked in the Reagan White House, I don’t recall AT&T or other

    major corporations condemning the Soviet Union while Jews and political dissenters rotted in Siberian gulags. Sadly, while Ronald

    Reagan worked to rebuild pride in America and America’s standing in the world, many corporate elites were eager to trade and

    “coexist” with the Soviets. And today most big corporations don’t feel a need to condemn Christian persecution and

    human rights violations. Why does concern for homosexual rights trump all other issues? I smell a double standard.”

  • Michele Bachmann will speak at an Eagle Forum

    luncheon next month.

  • Beware! The Girl Scouts have been infiltrated by liberal groups “specifically so they can first corrupt them, and then coerce them to

    put their agenda forward on the unsuspecting people that they serve.”

  • FRC prays against the IRS: “May God intervene to awaken the people and end what must be seen as plans to empower the IRS

    to permanently tyrannize the American people!”

  • Liberty Counsel has taken its battle on behalf of “ex-gay” therapy to the

    Supreme Court.

  • Finally, some times you just have to shake your head at the things that David Barton

    says on his radio show, such as this: “This is one of

    the things that liberals have done to us in recent years is make us think that everybody is inherently good and therefore if an

    accident happens with guns, it can’t be the individual’s fault who walked into the theater and shot everybody, it’s got

    to be the gun’s fault because people are inherently good.”