Right Wing Leftovers – 2/28/14

  • Bryan Fischer says that Gov. Rick Perry “may be our last, best hope of reclaiming America and returning it to its constitutional

    foundations” by refusing to comply with the ruling striking down Texas’ ban on same-sex marriages.

  • Dave Daubenmire thinks that he is owed an explanation by the high school that didn’t hire him to

    coach its football team.

  • Glenn Beck hated the new movie “Non-Stop” so much that he spent an

    entire segment spoiling the plot so that nobody will go to see it.

  • AFA tells people to

    consider boycotting Walt Disney World because “they are bullying the Boy Scouts of America to allow openly LGBT xyz adults as


  • Steven Seagal thinks that President Obama should be impeached and apparently some people actually care what Steven Seagal


  • Jeff Allen helpfully warns that “if the truly tolerant and moderating influence of

    Christianity were ever taken out of the way, the Muslims would quickly turn on their perversity-pushing homosexual


  • Finally, Gary Cass is not happy: “What was once considered so perverted that it would never have been discussed in polite company, has

    now become mainstream. Athletes, actors and prominent public figures are considered ‘heroes’ because they are sexually

    deviant. Now they are forcing Christians to salute their rainbow flags by requiring them to participate in fake homosexual marriage.

    They are pushing Christians out of the wedding industry, just like abortion is pushing Christians out of healthcare industry. The

    message that’s being sent to Christians is ‘Either violate your conscience or you are not allowed to participate in our