Right Wing Leftovers

  • Today is the day that Antonin Scalia delivered his lecture to those attending Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s Tea Party class.
  • George Allen apparently thinks every has forgotten about his infamous “macaca” moment.
  • After years of pressure from the Religious Right, Marriott will stop offering pornography in its hotels.
  • What a surprise: members of the Bush administration regularly violated the Hatch Act.
  • Mark DeMoss continues his lonely crusade to try and sell Mitt Romney to the Religious Right.
  • Rick Santorum stands by his claim that it is “remarkable for a black man” like President Obama to support reproductive choice while right-wing “black genocide” likewise defend him.
  • Finally, quote of the day from presidential hopeful Herman Cain: “Previous political experience got us into this mess. People are looking for a leader, not a politician.”