Right Wing Leftovers – 2/11/14

  • Liberty Counsel opposes gay marriage because “while same-sex couples can enter a union of the wills, it is not possible for them to

    join in body in the way true marriage has always required.”

  • Michael Youssef warns that “the subtler

    persecution of Christians in America, which began mildly, with the media mocking Jimmy Carter’s ‘born again’ claim,

    has escalated rapidly in the last five years.”

  • Glenn Beck appears not to know the difference between the smallpox virus and the

    smallpox vaccine.

  • Mychal Massie calls for conservatives to leave the GOP and form a third party.
  • Finally, Gary Bauer is mad: “The promotion of homosexuality has

    become the cause celebre during the Sochi winter Olympics. From an NBC commentator appearing on air in drag to the latest ad from

    General Motors entitled ‘New Love,’ (aired during the opening ceremonies featuring a same-sex marriage), the issue is

    impossible to avoid. Yet when churches are bombed and Christians have their throats slit while walking down the street, there is a

    collective yawn from most of the mainstream media, business and political elites.”