Right Wing Leftovers

  • Congrats to Pamela Geller for getting herself designated an anti-Islam hatemonger by the SPLC.
  • Tom DeLay has set up a legal defense fund.
  • Focus on the Family’s Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad won the Best Television Commercial award at the National Religious Broadcasters conference. What an honor.
  • Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery warns that if people ignore the Religious Right “then individual liberty degenerates into selfishness, and eventually into social chaos. And, at that point, it is only the loaded gun and the barbed wire fence that can preserve order.”
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Bryan Fischer: “If the federal government shuts down, surely we can do better than we did in 1995. “Essential” workers are those needed to protect human life, property and national security. But in 1995, according to the GAO, Commerce kept 64% of its staff, and Interior 53%. HHS kept over 40% of staff in place. At HUD and at regulatory agencies, 78% kept right on working. That’s ridiculous. Not a single worker in any of these agencies is ‘essential’ for the preservation of either life, property or national defense.”