Right Wing Leftovers – 1/27/12

  • Liberty Counsel seems quite pleased with the “success” of its Purity Bear video.
  • Lila Rose says it is okay for her to lie in order to carry out her anti-abortion agenda because people in the Bible did it too.
  • Matt Barber goes to war with Matt Drudge.
  • Did you know Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones is running for president?  Alan Colmes interviewed him last night – you will be shocked to learn that Jones is also a Birther.
  • Finally, the quote of the day from James Robison: “This year’s election is far more than a choice between candidates or parties. It is often between night and day, good and evil, a biblical worldview that puts God at the top and security that can be found only in the shelter and shadow of the Almighty or a worldview that puts man first with dependence upon an anti-God system, an ever-increasing, all-powerful federal government continually making promises that cannot be fulfilled while destroying the prosperity and blessing God offers through its uncontrolled excess and damaging entitlements.”