Right Wing Leftovers – 12/26/13

  • The reactions to the “Duck Dynasty” controversy just keep getting more

    ridiculous by the day.

  • Tom DeLay is writing a new book in which he urges Congress  to simply “pick three unconstitutional programs run

    by the federal government each week and pull all funding for them.”

  • “Coach” Dave

    Daubenmire is worried that “teaching our children to believe in Santa will

    eventually lead them to believe that God is also make-believe.”

  • Jerome Corsi is producing a series of articles “on the Obama administration’s

    campaign to enroll lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens in Obamacare, which force private insurers to cover the high-risk

    population by distributing the burden to other citizens and away from government.”

  • Finally, Erik

    Rush demands that everyone stop pretending that Barack

    Obama is the president: “When are we going to stop pretending that the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein

    Obama and currently holding the office of president of the United States is anything other than a foreign-backed, Marxist operative and

    Islamist whose objectives include the effective destruction of America as we know it?”