Right Wing Leftovers – 12/16/13

  • Mike Huckabee is reportedly going to let God decide if he should run for president. How much do you want to bet that God

    tells him to run?

  • Obviously, the cause of all these school shootings is lack of proper faith in God: “We’ve not

    imparted a faith in God and His absolute laws and principles, substituting instead a mushy postmodernism that eliminates the concept of

    a higher power who created us and who rules over us with love, wisdom and holy intent. When God’s morality is abandoned, love is

    lost and lives are destroyed.”

  • Matt Barber praises anti-gay laws that are being passed in nations around the world because “under this president,

    America’s chief export has become immorality.”

  • Scott Lively is officially running for governor in


  • FRC didn’t even mention the Bible as it complained

    about the polygamy ruling in Utah. We wonder why?

  • Finally, Bryan Fischer received a “pants on fire” ruling for his recent claim that the Constitution was designed only to protect