Right Wing Leftovers – 12/12/13

  • Diane Gramley, president of the America Family Association of Pennsylvania, says it is “ridiculous” to spend tax dollars fighting AIDS because “the government is not doing its part in stopping this epidemic simply because they are promoting the lifestyle.”
  • Apparently Nike’s decision to support marriage equality is “not based on biblical morality but on furthering their marketing strategy throughout the world.” Imagine that.
  • Help Gary Cass determine the Top Ten Anti-Christian Acts of 2013.
  • The anti-immigration zealots at ALIPAC have identified “the GOP incumbents in Washington who need to be replaced by Tea Party challengers who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens in 2014.”
  • Herman Cain says he has no plans to run for president again in 2016, but also notes that he likewise had no plans to run in 2012 either until God told him to do so.
  • Finally, a smart question from Cliff Kincaid: “Is Mandela the Biggest Liar In History?”