Right Wing Leftovers – 11/12/13

  • CBN “journalist” David Brody loves Sarah Palin: “Folks need to cut Sarah Palin some slack.

    She’s got more principle and determination in one finger than hordes of liberals combined. Oh, and this Mamma Grizzly is smarter

    than the average bear. She’s ridiculed because she doesn’t play the mainstream media’s game and didn’t go to

    Harvard or Yale. Oy-gevalt.”

  • The Religious Right activists behind the effort to overturn

    California’s transgender anti-discrimination bill say they’ve gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

  • Don Feder says that “only in Obama’s America

    could a youth who may have been born in Kenya, who spent part of his childhood in Muslim Indonesia with his hippy mother, who palled

    around with communists most of his life (Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers among them) grow up to be president.” Frankly, that

    doesn’t make any sense because this sort of thing obviously can (and did) happen in the America that existed before it

    became “Obama’s America”; that’s how he became president.

  • Apparently the Bible is so

    accurate it even contains prophecies about missiles and


  • Finally, “Dr. Chaps” explains that life

    actually begins before conception: