Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You’re An Idiot With A Low IQ

  • Oath Keepers’ Dave Codrea says Dick’s Sporting Goods is “abandoning their brothers-in-arms on the battlefield in a time of dire need and leaving them to stand or fall while the cowardly profiteers who want the benefits of gun owner business without the rigors or risks slink away.”
  • NRA radio host Cam Edwards warns Breitbart listeners that liberals are planning the “greatest gun grab in history” in response to the Florida high school shooting.
  • Timothy Buchanan says that “liberalism in our government has wrought disastrous economic waste and devastation in our communities. Now we are seeing that liberalism in public education has utterly failed our children and their futures with deadly results.”
  • President Trump is selling a $50 hat emblazoned with the phrase “American Dreamer,” referring to his State of the Union applause line: “Americans are dreamers, too.”
  • Tony Perkins warns that if Christian conservatives “get discouraged and stay home in the midterm election, the reform is over. The restoration of religious freedom and the freedom of speech will end …If conservatives and in particular evangelical voters do not turn out [and Democrats gain control of Congress], one of the first orders of business will be the impeachment of President Trump.”
  • Finally, Liz Crokin says that if you cannot see that there is rampant pedophilia taking place, “then you’re an idiot, then you’re not capable of critical thinking, then you have a low I.Q.”