Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Are a Judas

  • The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins delivered a “State of Faith, Family & Freedom” address Monday night, proclaiming that “we the people, under the authority and direction of God, will determine the future of this nation. We will not wait for Washington any longer.”
  • Scott Lively warns that “America lost God’s protection against the tide of evil in the 1947 case of Everson v. Board of Education, which dethroned God in our judicial system by suddenly mandating government neutrality toward all religions after centuries of affirming His authority over us.”
  • Jason Rapert is sick of all “the idiots in the country that want to make you think that a man’s gotta be able to go up and slobber all over another man and hug and kiss him and pretend like they’re married.”
  • David Lane declares that “America’s backsliding and abandonment of faith will continue unless American Christendom comes alive and becomes conversant in the prime denominations of political currency.”
  • Shane Vaughn fumes about conservative Christian voters who would consider supporting anyone other than former President Donald Trump in 2024: “When you do not support the man that God has ordained for the job, you are a Judas.”
  • Finally, few can match Ali Alexander in terms of narcissism: “John the Baptist, Aristotle, Napoleon, Ali Alexander. Exile only makes us stronger. After 2 years, I’m back and organizing the people.”