Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You Are a Despicable, Deplorable Excuse for a Human Being

  • Dave Daubenmire declares that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Jew who “hates Christ.”
  • Alex Jones says that “everything that Sandra Bullock is involved in is a globalist operation.”
  • Josh Bernstein proclaims that “if you’re a Democrat in America, you have disdain and hatred in your heart for your own nation” and are a “despicable, deplorable excuse for a human being.”
  • Stefan Molyneux has been increasingly transparent about his racism in recent weeks in bizarre posts, including one where he claims that the Iraq War wouldn’t have happened if we were all just a little bit more racist.
  • Don Boys has concerns about Mitt Romney’s faith: “Romney is a Mormon which he has a right to be but we have a right and duty to question how his beliefs might affect his votes in the senate. After all, a member of Jim Jones’ cult would have to face questions about sexual abuse of women and children and the socialism (that turned out to be Communism). It would be irresponsible not to inquire into what a candidate believed if he were a member of the Jones’ cult. Of course, there was a big difference in the cult of Jim Jones and the Mormon cult. But a cult is a cult is a cult.”
  • Finally, Dave Janda claims that, over Christmas, President Trump prevented the planned assassinations of eight world leaders by threatening to blow up Muslim holy sites.