Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Wishing for Trans Genocide

  • Mark Driscoll asked, “Do powerful demons run religion and government through false prophets?” He then answered his own question: “The answer is yes.”
  • William Kilpatrick sees a lot of similarities between today’s “trans mania” and the Salem Witch Trials: “Three hundred years ago, the people of Salem were told they could save their souls and their lives by confessing to be a witch. Nowadays, teenage girls are told that they will feel much better about themselves once their breasts are removed.”
  • Isabella Riley Moody expressed her desire to see a “trans genocide,” but when host Ethan Ralph disavowed her comment, she quickly tried to pretend that she was joking.
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist Larry Gaiters, who has a strange habit of falsely claiming he’ll soon be appearing on popular mainstream programs, announces that he’ll be appearing on Conan O’Brien’s podcast next month.
  • Finally, it is certainly ironic to hear Tim Barton claim that it is the mission of WallBuilders to correct the record when people start “cherry-picking” from historical documents to promote their political agenda considering that cherry-picking information from historical documents is a WallBuilders specialty.