Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Why God Hates Drugs

  • Donald Trump gave himself a grade of A+ for how he has been doing as president so far.
  • Right-wing conspiracy theorist Michael Savage is getting cozy with Trump and even had a meeting with him in the Oval Office recently.
  • Joseph Farah explains that “God hates drugs” because they are a form of sorcery.
  • The following two pieces from Doug Mainwaring were posted on Lifesite News just 20 minutes apart: “LGBT activists throw fit after pro-family Trump nominee approved by Senate” and “Radical Pro-LGBT Commissioner Chai Feldblum Poised for Approval by Republican-Controlled U.S. Senate.”
  • James Tennant says that the film “Black Panther” is “full of racist memes.”
  • Finally, David Lane declares that “in its celebration of abortion, same-sex intercourse and marriage, gun control, euthanasia, big government, transgender bathrooms, and coercive redistribution of wealth, the Left bespeaks paganism.”