Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Who Has Two Forms of Photo ID?

  • Josh Bernstein wants to get rid of electronic voting machines, raise the voting age to 30, and require all voters to show two forms of photo I.D. and proof of income.
  • James Robison’s obsequious gushing about President Trump has become rather alarming.
  • Sen. James Lankford says that the Bible commands Christians to be involved in politics: “Thirty-six of the 39 books of the Old Testament were written to, by or about a political leader. A third of the New Testament was written to a political leader. Saul’s mission when he became Paul was to go to the Jews, the gentiles and the gentile kings. This political engagement, this ministry to people in politics as well in engaging in our culture should be a part of who we are.”
  • Far-right activist Mike Tokes is threading a conspiracy theory about the California wildfires.
  • Mega church pastor Ed Young said that the Democrats are “some kind of religion that is basically godless.”
  • Finally, Bill Mitchell is calling on Trump to issue an executive order creating a special counsel to investigate the allegedly rampant Democratic voter fraud in the midterm elections.