Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘White Privilege’ Is As Bad As The N-Word

  • Michele Bachmann says that when she was in Congress, her male colleagues were unfailingly polite but that “women’s voices weren’t listened to.”
  • Laurie Higgins tells parents to “plan an escape route for your children from government schools” before they are indoctrinated with pro-LGBTQ propaganda.
  • Matt Barber says that the term “white privilege” is “a racist epithet & disgusting stereotype. It’s every bit as offensive & hateful as ‘the N-word.'”
  • If Josh Bernstein is so happy about his attack on David Hogg, then why did he go to so much effort to try and hide it?
  • Finally, Concerned Women for America is asking activists to sign a letter to President Trump thanking him “for all you’ve done to fight for everything we hold dear. Please know that you have my support in the upcoming battles, as you continue fighting for these values.”