Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We’re Not For Inclusivity

  • In 2020, Philip Haney, a right-wing conspiracy theorist and supposed government “whistleblower,” took his own life. Predictably, right-wing activists began spreading conspiracy theories that Haney had been murdered, probably by the Obama administration. Now, after a two-year investigation by the Amador County, California, sheriff’s department and the FBI, authorities have “determined the manner of Mr. Haney’s death to be suicide.”
  • Kent Christmas claims that “years ago” a member of Congress “began to attack the word of the Lord,” for which he was arrested and sent to jail for three months for “attacking Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of our nation.” We have no idea what Christmas is talking about, but he may be thinking of the 1811 case People v. Ruggles, though that involved the New York Supreme Court and the Ruggles in that case does not appear to have been a member of Congress.
  • Josh Bernstein declares that fact-checkers are “full of shit” and that if you believe them, “you are a fucking moron”: “You should trust me and my reputation because my reputation is 100 percent solid.”
  • Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” appeared on TruNews Tuesday night.
  • On a similar note, Jackson Lahmeyer appeared on Infowars Tuesday.
  • For someone who constantly insists that he’s not a white nationalist, Nick Fuentes sure does spend a lot of time furiously ranting about America becoming a less white nation: “We’re not for inclusivity.”
  • Finally, Patrick Howley explains why he is rooting for Russian President Vladimir Putin to succeed in his invasion of Ukraine: “They want me to care about Ukraine so much and I don’t that it just makes me happy to see when they’re sad. Their misery, their failure, their disappointment is funny and gratifying to me.”