Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We’re Just Following Orders

  • Stew Peters is convinced that our “masters” have ordered us to cover his program because they are terrified of how “dangerously close” he is to revealing the truth about everything.
  • Hank Kunneman calls on God to silence those who have laughed at “prophets,” such as himself, who guaranteed that former President Donald Trump would win reelection.
  • Robin Bullock claims that Jesus named “Barack Obama” as Satan in Luke 10:18. He didn’t.
  • Lin Wood will be joining Shane Vaughn and Greg Locke at a “Liberty For All” rally in South Carolina later this month.
  • Finally, Locke confidently predicts that Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks will never sue him for calling them pedophiles because if they did, he’d be able to subpoena witnesses and uncover evidence proving that he’s right. Plus, he says, they are both probably locked away in Guantanamo Bay right now.