Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We’re Gonna Knock You Into the Dirt

  • Andrew Tobra issued a press release proudly bragging that Gab will not be following the lead of other social media companies in banning Russian propaganda from their platforms.
  • Wayne Allyn Root asserts that George Soros “is one of the most evil enemies in our history”: “If Soros funded the leaders of Ukraine, and put them in power, this has to be a trap. Ukraine must be a ‘bad guy.'”
  • Scott Lively asks a rhetorical question: “Is God using Biden to punish America? That’s really a rhetorical question because the answer is obvious. God is unhappy with America because we have turned our backs to Him as a nation and allowed His enemies to gain control of our social, cultural and political institutions. His enemies are our enemies, and the proof of that is the illegitimate puppet regime of Joe Biden, so evil and so corrupt in so many ways that we grow exhausted just listing them.”
  • During the last ReAwaken America event, anti-vax activist Jim Meehan uncorked an unhinged rant urging right-wingers to seize power and punish their enemies: “I’ve got a message to the Luciferian cabal, to the overlords: We’re coming for you. … We’re gonna knock you into the dirt.”
  • Speaking of the ReAwaken America events, Mario Murillo is now hanging out with Clay Clark.
  • Shane Vaughn reports that he has been banned from YouTube.
  • Finally, it seems odd that Lauren Witzke, who lost her bid for office by 20 plus points, is offering advice on how to run for office.