Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We’re All In This Together

  • David Barton claims to have seen evidence that will soon be made public of a “single individual [who] voted several thousand times” in Georgia’s last election.
  • Even with former President Donald Trump out of office, Dave Hayes is still pushing QAnon conspiracy theories: “During his eight years in office, Barack Obama set the stage for this future war. Hillary Clinton was supposed to finish preparation and then allow the war to begin, but Trump’s election in 2016 interrupted that plan. Now, it appears as if the plan to destroy America and the free world is operational once again.”
  • Speaking of QAnon, Justin Katz is outraged that Republican candidates are being labeled as followers of the conspiracy theory simply for using the QAnon phrase “where we go one, we go all,” which he insists is “no more conspiratorial than ‘we’re all in this together.'”
  • Having failed in his bids to become governor, a U.S. senator, and uncover evidence of voter fraud, Kris Kobach has refashioned himself as an expert on the legality of vaccine passports.
  • Johnny Enlow sees prophetic significance in the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship: “The two finalist teams were from Arizona and Wisconsin. The Arizona team won the first two games and then it ended with the team from Wisconsin having the wins. Might this be an election scenario tied in with the audits that are going on?”
  • Finally, Robin Bullock says that Trump “is the president right now” and it’s therefore impossible to pray for “President Joe Biden” because no such person exists: “Your prayers are to a mythical character.”